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September 14, 2022
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Mylio Photos Mod APK indir

Mylio Photos is the only software that connects your computer, phone, tablet, and hard drives into a single photo library. Mylio Photos creates a secure network that links your storage and personal devices, with no cloud required. You can search, edit, and share all your photos at all times.

• Fit even the largest photo library onto your laptop or phone using Mylio Smart Previews.
• Get full access to your library with no need for an internet connection or cloud data fees.
• Tap to Sync means you can download folders or individual original files on demand from your network to any device
• Organize and search images using facial recognition, text recognition, GPS, camera data, and more.
• Conveniently edit your photos from any device.
• Protect your photos from device failure or loss.
•Save space and optimize storage with intelligent deduplication.

Mylio Photos helps you organize, protect, sync, and edit all your images in one easy-to-search library you can access on all your devices at all times.
“The ability to easily sync and display every photo that I have on my iPhone, iPad, laptop… is a game-changer.” -GeekWire
“Honestly the most impressive photo management application we’ve ever seen.” -Digital Camera Review

“It may just change your life.” -Outdoor Photographer

“Mylio is a smart, slick and surprisingly fun way to privately organise and manage huge collections of photos.” -Shotkit

ORGANIZE HOW YOU WORK: Mylio puts you in complete control of your folder system on all your devices. If you’ve already spent time organizing your photos into folders, Mylio will preserve that structure. Changes you make to Mylio from any device are automatically reflected across all devices.

WE DO BIG LIBRARIES: Many photo managers get sluggish when you get to 100,000 images. Mylio has been tested with libraries of over a MILLION high-resolution photos, and it still works lightning fast. With Mylio, your entire workflow is efficient and convenient.

BUILT FOR TRAVEL: Mylio was made to travel. It works even without the internet, so you can import photos from your camera while on location, manage from your mobile devices, rate and cull on an airplane, and show off photos at a beachside party.

LIFE CALENDAR™: Bring together scattered photos, videos, and PDFs into one centralized library, and display them on the Life Calendar, making it easy to find your favorite memories. View by day, month, year, and decade to see all the details as well as the grand scope of your timeline. The visual story of your life has never been so elegantly organized.

SECURE SYNC: Protect all of your memories on all of your devices. Install Mylio on each device, open the app, and everything syncs automatically, peer-to-peer, over your wireless network. No cloud required.

ORGANIZE ANYWHERE: Reclaim lost time (like on airplanes) by tagging, sorting, or editing your photos on handheld devices. Once you’re back online, your work automatically syncs with your computer, and all other connected devices.

PRO EDITING TOOLS: Use built in presets and auto-adjustments for quick edits on the go or you can even open images from Mylio Photos in the tools you already know and love to make your photos picture perfect.

FACE RECOGNITION: Powerful and accurate face recognition makes getting organized just a few taps away. After you tag someone once, Mylio helps you bulk tag any future photos of that person for ease and efficiency.

SHARE EVERYWHERE: Share your photos with friends and family with all of your device’s built-in share functionality at your fingertips: Text Message, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Mylio Photos is both software and a service that ensures your pictures are always accessible and well protected. Start with a free 30-day test drive. When your trial ends, you can choose to subscribe annually ($99.99/year) or monthly ($9.99/month). Mylio Photos also offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, for any reason, after the purchase of a subscription.


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